Estudio de Diseño y Motion Graphics
Design & Motion Graphics Studio

Creative Director of Art & Motion Graphics

My name is Gemma Alguacil Corral. I am an artist dedicated to the production and post-production visual. My work is complete, improve and finish the projects created by customers seeking design, creativity, art direction, film spots, animation, audiovisual services, 3D graphics, VFX and Motion. I provide the necessary resources to ensure that the end result of each production is flawless and ready on time. Since 2003 I have worked with film, advertising, television in creating visual pieces where quality is essential. My projects typically are designed to enhance the brand image of customers by marketing actions related to its products. Offer direction and production services as well as comprehensive support with a single objective: the creation of a powerful and trusted branding.

My main goal is to produce quality work to make customers happy.

My hallmark is my work and the trust customers place in my profesional skills endorses it. I have over 10 years experience in advertising, television and film projects and have led to big brands: Heineken, Schweppes, Telefónica, Procter & Gamble, Max Factor …

Also in our Design & Motion Graphics Studio we offer advice on online marketing strategies to launch your company and improve socializing skills, overwhelmingly actions related to the world of the image. We make all kind of videos such as corporate videos which aims to provide a global view of your company, viral videos , similar to an advertisement whose effect is usually awake the customer curiosity in the brand, promotional videos , created to explain or promote an issue, product or service, original “How to” videos …