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Dash of motion, another pinch of 3D, a little bit of imagination and voila!

2D Character rig with puppet tools

Here we show some animation tests for a fun project with a lot of challenges. Read more…

Start the year with motion graphics and 3D

Happy Planet

An animation for Christmas Greetings

Proposal for a Christmas animation for BBVA. A laboratory where essential ingredients for life as love, health, work, food, culture, etc. merged. to create together a new planet full of happiness. Read more…

Nueva Identidad Intereconomia · Gibuk

A new TV Brand

Conceptual redesign of Intereconomia TV channel with drops, liquids and fresh colors.

This project of branding and identity design was the big relaunch of the television network with a very cool reestyling. The idea was to use symbology drops, water and liquids giving a touch of softness and visual lightness to this channel of television. Read more…

Summer CInema

Summer Cinema

3D & motion graphics intro for a spanish TV show

This was a creative project for major TV program based on the idea of making an actual version of the classic movie intros. The basic contents are items that are typically associated with Read more…

The Project of the spot of TV “News”

Branding pieces for Intereconomia Television.

This campaign of TV spots for advertising started with the idea of underlining the concept of latest news and being informed. Read more…

Tv Show · Wedding night

The Project Scope

This project consisted in creating a platform for television contest where the couple competed for goals related to their wedding day.

The project of this Tv Show had two different parts: create the concept and design the entire interface of a competition and then build graphic elements Read more…