TV show · Wedding night · Lovers on the road

Game interface design for television.

Tv Show · Wedding night

The Project Scope

This project consisted in creating a platform for television contest where the couple competed for goals related to their wedding day.

The project of this Tv Show had two different parts: create the concept and design the entire interface of a competition and then build graphic elements for show: header, styling, animation and game interface. We opted for a touch retro-romantic using very fifties style images with gradient pink to purple.

The idea was representing the different steps of life of two lovers with a road where the couple meet with itself at different stages of his life, like in one of my favorites films “Two for the road” of Stanley Donen.

Frame Styles for TV show

Tv Show · Wedding night

Tv Show · Wedding night

Tv Show · Wedding night

Tv Show · Wedding night

Game elements

Graphics for this quiz were very simple but still remaining the colors and style of the TV program. These are a few frames of these motion graphics interfaces such as counters, questions, answers, chronos and other elements for this TV game:

Tv Show · Wedding night · Elements 03

Tv Show · Wedding night · Elements 02

Tv Show · Wedding night · Elements 01

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